9 Months and Beyond

This blog features portraits of pregnant women and newborn babies. Because is there anything more beautiful than the miracle of life?

Feel free to ask questions, or submit pictures :)


I really need help, can someone please answer me ?

I’m listening, honey.


ugh thank you so so much for being a decent blog and not posting nasty nsfw pregnant women who are being bonded or showing their vaginas.

Haha you’re welcome xD To each their own, I guess, but bondage/vaginas really isn’t my thing when it comes to pregnancy pictures.


I love your blog :) Why don't you post more?

I have a very busy life, and looking for pictures (and making sure everything is credited) takes a lot of time. This is a side blog for me, my goal isn’t to make it very active, just to have a place to share my love for pregnancy and babies ;)